Yoga Private Sessions

For Private Yoga Sessions:  Please call Liz at Sweet Peace Yoga to request the instructor and timeframe that you would like to schedule.  The price ranges from $50-$80 

(314) 394-8946 call Liz at Sweet Peace Yoga to schedule

These private sessions will be tailored to your needs, provided in the studio with the use of props as needed.  If difficulty getting down to the mat is a concern, then chair yoga can be arranged.

Thai Bodywork by Steve

For Private Thai Bodywork by Steve:  Please call Steve directly to schedule a mutually agreeable time.  The price for a 50 minute session is $70 

(314) 580-3526 call Steve to schedule

Thai Bodywork is an Ancient health system that incorporates rocking, pulling, compression and acupressure.  The recipient wears loose fitting clothes and lies on a mat or mattress. The recipient and practitioner create a flow of yoga type movement throughout the session.  
This body work may ease muscle strain, foster calmness and help relieve chronic medical conditions. Steve's approach is to remove blockages in the sen lines allowing the energy move freely.