Mariellen & Emily


a friendship as beautiful as their tree pose!

Sweet Peace offers many charms, but perhaps the most endearing for yogis is its sense of community. Often, friendships develop and grow as we come together to practice yoga. Two yoginis who exemplify this friendship are Emily Liebman and Mariellen Clark, who have been part of the Sweet Peace Community for over five years. Their yoga classes are often proceeded with chatter and laughter in the studio, and followed by wine and good conversation.

Their friendship started decades ago when their children were young. Emily says that they spent much time walking together, solving "all the world's problems and all of our personal problems." They found their pragmatic conversations and exercise to be "cheaper than therapy." Together they started taking fitness classes at the Lodge in Des Peres, and eventually they found yoga.

Emily and Mariellen dabbled in yoga for several years. Eventually they decided to shake up their fitness routine and give yoga a more serious try. At this time, a friend mentioned Sweet Peace Yoga. Their first class was taught by Peggy, and they say they were hooked after this single experience.

For the past five years, they have continued to practice at Sweet Peace, allowing the studio and their yoga to be another facet of their friendship. Yoga classes are another way for the two friends to connect, and Sweet Peace has become another setting for their laughter and conversations. Emily says that they have stayed committed to Sweet Peace because of its "small classes, sincere, serious teachers who do not take themselves too seriously." They also enjoy the accepting community of the studio, saying, "Warm, inviting, not intimidating, the environment at Sweet Peace immediately puts a participant at ease. Age, gender, skill level—it makes no difference."

While Mariellen enjoys the more relaxing classes, and Emily appreciates the more physically challenging practices, they both are a regular presence at Sweet Peace. Together they fill the studio with compassion, friendliness, and joy. They extend these qualities to their fellow yogis who attend classes, as well as the instructors who guide their practice.

Off the yoga mat, Mariellen is busy with her three grandchildren. She enjoys reading, going to movies, and spending time with her family. Emily, a retired Community College teacher, makes jewelry, reads, and spends time with her husband, daughter and granddaughter.
Sweet Peace Yoga is grateful to consider Mariellen and Emily part of its family, and we look forward to their presence at many classes to come!

Written by Emily Ehrhart